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When you stop by Highcrest Dental in Rockford, you'll get the benefit of the best technology and clinical practices when it comes to replacing or repairing broken and missing teeth. Call today to schedule your FREE consultation to discuss your options for crowns and implants.

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Inlay crowns fit between the bumps on your teeth, called cusps, and onlay crowns cover one or more cusps. If possible, you will receive one of these types of crowns to retain as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Trust 30 years of experience to keep you smiling! Contact us today and ask about our competitive prices.

Onlay vs Inlay Crowns

If you're considering implant surgery, you'll be examined and the staff will discuss the best options for you to best fill out your smile. We specialize in implant supported dentures.


If surgery is the best option for you, a titanium post will be implanted into your jaw, creating a firm foundation to attach a permanent crown.

Do You Need Implants?

Have the professional staff at Highcrest Dental consult with you and discuss the many options available to give you a beautiful, complete smile. We also offer zoom whitening, radiology and 3D scanning services.

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